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As mothers we’d like to believe that anytime our child is in distress health-wise that we’d have the remedies to make things better. Even-more with COVID-19 being rapid in our communities the last place we want to take our children are the hospitals and doctors office. Beginning the journey to understanding and applying herbal remedies start with the minor issues we experience at home! As a mother of a growing boy, I began my journey to total herbalism with my 2 year old child who will soon be eleven! I’ve treated everything from ringworms, stomach aches, sinuses, and even pink eye in the privacy of my own home. Now, as a Master Herbalist I must honestly say I had to build my courage and understanding to even consider coming this far. Though along the way I learned from many of the greats due to my intrinsic desire to increase my knowledge and understanding of Herbalism, it still took time to trust my abilities. Enjoy an excerpt from one of my favorite Natural Practitioners by the name of Barbara O’Neil. A mother of 6 who started her journey to holistic wellness after having a sickly child of her own. 

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