Our History & Our Founder

I AM WELL Holistic was founded in 2017 as a result of the personal journey to wellness of our very own Master Herbalist & owner, Tionna Haugabrook. After 5 years of study and research Ms.Haugabrook began learning the properties of herbs that were frequently used by the late Biochemist & Naturalist Alfredo Bowman (widely known as Dr.Sebi). It was not until 2016, after the sudden death of Dr.Sebi that Ms.Haugabrook realized it was time to not only take her love for herbs to the next level but also to continue the legacy of one of her most admired and courageous teachers. After an abundance of study of the late Dr.Sebi, she then turned to Australian Naturopath Dr. Barbara O’Neil for further knowledge and instruction of Holistic wellness. In 2018 I AM WELL Holistic was manifested at the dinner table of Tionna’s small apartment in SW Atlanta, Georgia. Her lifestyle began to intrigue those who surrounded her and she soon began to handcraft products for those who requested her assistance while on their own journey to natural wellness. Now a Master Herbalist with a certification via the Centre of Excellence in the UK, Tionna has dedicated her life to assisting the overall well-being of humanity while spreading the word and knowledge of preventative health and natural remedies. Currently, she is the sole creator of her very own 28 product herbal supplementation line and her very own 15 product organic skincare line by the name of Healer’s Touch Organics. “Every product that is created by I AM WELL Holistic is handcrafted from organic/unrefined herbs and oils. “When it’s truly about wellness, all things should remain in their natural and unadulterated state in order to be governed by the integrity of holistic remedies. If it’s not just that, then it’s not I AM WELL Holistic.”States Tionna, “