Herbal Mommy Basics Informational March 18@ 10am

Herbal Mommy Basics Informational March 18@ 10am

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Learn the basics of taking care of your young children herbally. We will spend 2 hours going over the basics of building and nourishing a healthy immune defense to common childhood infections. We will also cover holistic remedies for specific and most common  childhood infections such as Ringworm (Tinea), Pink Rye (Conjunctivitis), fevers, stomach aches and ear infections. We will also take about kid safe herbs to keep in your kitchen cub-bard in the event the need for remedies may arise. Sign up, learn, and take home our kids holistic starter pack at the end of your informational session! See you there! Max per session is 20 participants! Social Distancing and mask are required for entrance. 



1213 E.305th St 

Wickliffe, Ohio 44092