Could eating for your blood type prolong your life?

The world can often be a chaotic place when it comes to making healthy decisions that are right for one's wellbeing. As we continue to evolve as conscious beings the question stands as to whether formerly developed diets and meal plans are beneficial to society as a whole. Should the difference of blood types be taken into consideration when we are choosing to try the diet that worked so well for our friend? Or should we do more research on what our specific genetic makeup requires for optimum health? This is groundbreaking information especially for the natural & conscious communities that are dedicated to achieving optimum health on the mental, physical, and spiritual level. I for one have had my own personal experience. I did vegan, vegetarian, and even pescatarian. However, each diet took a toll on my physical or mental body in some way. As a health nut I began my journey identifying with different dietary restrictions that were not in alignment with what my body required. After several dietary experiences over the course of a 10 year journey to wellness and an abundance of spiritual growth, I began to promote dietary wellness centered around eating according to one's very own spirit! Now this ultimately led me to eating in alignment with my blood type and encouraging others that are in search of optimal wellness to do the same. I'm going to take the time to share with you why. Years ago, I started with the famous vegan diet. I mean, I was hardcore vegan, raw, and ancient grain ready. Being vegan, I was always hungry and never truly felt healthy. Not understanding veganism was not right for my blood type, I figured it was just the new norm that I had to adapt to. After being vegan for so long I decided to try something different. Ok so what's next? Ok! ill try vegetarianism. Being vegetarian I went completely wrong with having any sort of dairy in my diet. Also, compensating for the lack of meat, I packed on heavy carbs especially after being vegan for so long. Well, this diet type caused me to gain weight, imbalanced my gut flora, confused my hormones, and had me on the next thing smoking straight to an autoimmune condition. Finally, I tried pescatarian. With this diet, I constantly felt as though I was bloated and experienced great concerns with my colon and defecation all together. It was not until I discovered that I am blood type O and the very thing I was cutting from my diet was the very item I needed. (in moderation and according to life circumstances). What was that? Yep! you guessed it! It was MEAT! Now all of the conscious community just hear me out! Because genetically my blood type is consistent with that of the hunters & gathers, I have extremely high hydrochloric acid! with that being said, high protein, massive veggies, and NO CARBS was ultimately my happy place, and I was so far from it. Now, I cringed at the thought of this diet years ago and even laughed at even attempting it. But! My entire journey with all other diets made the very thought of the said diet worth a bit of consideration. Blood type O requires the diet for maintenance of the lean, mean, hunting machine (being the hunter & gatherers of the ABO groups). We are extremely gluten intolerant if not ciliac at most! Dairy is one of our greatest enemies and fermented foods work against our extremely high stomach acid content. We can't even have the normal cup of joe that the typical American thrives on to get the day started because after a while, it takes a great toll on us! I could kick myself, but hey! they say the best teacher is experience which is why I am sharing the word as a certified master herbalist of over 5 years and a pre-nursing student. I now understand that KETO is the diet my body closely aligns with blood type wise. No matter which diet I tried, I experienced one common issue. That issue was completing the entire digestive process. To be specific defecation was a huge issue, which led me to keep researching and trying things until I found my own sweet spot. After 13 years on my journey to wellness, I have realized that our bodies are specific to our blood type and if we eat things that agglutinate (cause an antigen response/allergic reaction known or unknown) with our blood type we are constantly experiencing an immune system reaction whether we realize it or not! The items we eat and diets we choose must be blood type friendly to achieve optimal health or else our body will have to work overtime to maintain homeostasis and optimal immunity. Now that I am eating what my body needs, I experience the full digestive process without pain or interruption. Let me be clear! everything requires a BALANCE! High protein diets require high vegetable intake! Infact, as blood type O we need more veggies than protein! Eating a high veggie diet that contains raw vegetables with celluose (a plant part our bodies do not break down) helps the hydrochloric acid to use the veggies we eat as roughage and keeps our intestines clean and active after consuming meat. Here is the disclaimer to the conscious & wellness communities! It is very important for those who are blood type O to find balance and take life circumstances into consideration! Now you can work around eating meat if your lifestyle is not high stress or requires an immense amount of energy output! Veggies may be your greatest friend but herbal supplementation (especially for iron) along with the mixing and matching of very few grain groups must be achieved! Remember dairy and gluten are your blood's enemy! So, making meals with that in mind that together make up a complete protein is what you must search for! For me and especially my journey to attain full consciousness, I have chosen fasting intervals to create mental and emotional peace regarding eating meat and keeping a clean vessel! After all! there is nothing like a great fast that raises your frequency and brings great enlightenment to the things one may be seeking clarity for! I am sure people like me are all concerned about the quality of meat ingested if they must eat it especially against personal beliefs & desires! I encourage you to find the best hormone free, antibiotic free, grassfed meat there is on the market to appease your concerns of ingesting meat because your blood type says so! Now! I wouldn't be a great wellness advisor if I did not state more sources that back up my claims and further supports my approach! Find out more about diets and blood types from Dr. Dadarmo himself! The official Blood Type Diet website
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I agree with you. I discovered Dadamos Eating Right for your blood type back in the 90s.

It worked very well for me – I am blood type O as well. It worked well for my family as well tho they have different blood types.

I highly recommend this book & eating style.


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