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Black Seed Oil 4oz

Black Seed Oil 4oz

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Black seed has been known for ages as a FIX ALL remedy. Black seed also widely known as Nigella sativa provides great nutritional support for a great number of ailments not limited to but including high blood pressure by containing hypotensive(blood pressure reducing) effects/pressure regulation abilities, diabetes, asthma, HIV, anti-cancer, impotence, and many other ailments. Today it is mostly adopted by the African American community and it also serves as a great suppressant assisting in cutting craving for foods such as sugar as well as addictions. Black seed can be taken on the daily basis as an overall preventative & Alterative(gradually restore the proper function of the body and increase health and vitality) to maintain optimal health. Distributed in a 4 oz bottle. For more information on herbal properties and medicinal plant ingredients, we suggest one of our most reliable sources:

Origin: India

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